Stefan White

  • Name

    Stefan White

  • How Long With Friends of the River?

    This is my sixth season.

  • Years in KC?

    Nine years. Gasp!

  • Profession?

    Dazium Design, Client Engagement Director

  • Passions?

    I have two cats named Barnum & Bailey. I like to swim, fish, boat, float, kayak, tube – pretty much anything and everything on the water. I like hot air balloons and love fireworks. LOVE fireworks! In my downtime, I serve on this board, sing with the Heartland Men’s Chorus and fix whatever is broken at the time on my house. Oh, and I am currently rebuilding my grandfather’s truck from the ground up.

  • What do you LOVE about KC?

    When you are on I-70 (KS Side) at night heading E and hit the 7th street curve revealing the downtown KCMO skyline for the first time. Daytime is pretty epic as well. Gets me everytime.