Bill McConnell

  • Name

    Bill McConnell

  • How Long With Friends of the River

    Since July 2018

  • Years in KC?

    Moved here in January of 2018!

  • Profession?

    I’ve been a Graphic Designer my whole adult life.

  • Passions?

    I grew up in Brasil, but didn’t appreciate the culture enough as a kid. I currently work on Spanish and Portuguese fluency, and go out of my way to explore international music – especially from West Africa and Latin America.

  • Favorite Thing about KC?

    Kansas City has a beautiful blend of old and new — where electric car charging stations sit across the street from ornate architectural details on historic office buildings. The revitalization of the downtown area, and the city’s welcoming spirit of “do whatever you do” is definitely in the air and I’m all about it.