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The mission of Friends of the River Kansas City is to celebrate the heritage and promote the development of the Kansas City Riverfront through education, community outreach, volunteer commitment and fundraising opportunities.


The Kansas City Riverfront will be an inspiration and destination for the region's residents and visitors, and the model for cities via public-private partnerships across the Nation.

The Missouri River has filled many roles in the Greater Kansas City area from adversary to ally, challenger to constant companion. The river brought the first settlers to the region, the Hopewell and Kaw Indians and other Native Americans and later the French fur traders and European explorers. From the river’s edge, historic trading and traveling trails stretched into the West. After Kansas City incorporated in 1850, the community began heading south onto higher ground, and over time created a wonderful city perched high on the golden limestone bluffs.
Today the Riverfront stands at the Heart of America, at the very center of commerce and at the core of Kansas City’s plans to create something extraordinary in urban life along the river corridor. Visionaries believe the Mighty MO not only holds an honored place in our cities history, but also our key to the future. These are the people who understand the power and vitality that a river can bring to the city. They know what Kansas Cities Riverfront can become if it succeeds in turning the vision into reality.

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We work hard to keep the banks of the Big Muddy and surrounding areas clean and beautiful so we can enjoy it for years to come. We aren't afraid to get dirty and dig in the dirt--in fact, we think we'd be missing out on the best part if we didn't! If you're interested in helping protect and maintain this vital resource, head over to our volunteer form.

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When you love something, you're willing to work to preserve it. If you've ever been curious about how you can contribute to the MO river while meeting cool people and having some fun in the process, check out one of our river clean up days. Trust us, we know how to make just about anything fun. Meet you on the banks?

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Friends of the River KC is an nonprofit organization designed to reframe, connect, and engage all people across our KC metro with the Missouri River that flows through the center of our city. We are driven and motivated by this beautiful natural resource which has forever been the heart of Kansas City. We invite everyone, whether you’re from North of the River, Midtown, KCK or all of the Southland, to come join us, partake, dip a toe, and see what the Big Muddy has to offer!

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KC RiverFest is THE premiere Independence Day celebration in our nation. Located at Richard L. Berkley Riverfront, KC RiverFest has become “Kansas City’s Riverfront Tradition,” known as the only place in Kansas City to celebrate the Fourth of July. Join with friends, family and community leaders for an afternoon of entertainment including live music, kids activities, street performers, allllll the food, and of course, FIREWORKS!

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Riverfront Fitness are weekly courses for people of all levels taught by KC’s top trainers and fitness instructors. Friends of the River hosts these all spring and summer long as the sun sets over Berkley Riverfront. Join us May through September at 6:30 pm for a rotating schedule of classes, courses, and fit fam fun at the pavillion in the middle of the park.
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